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Focus on problems at home and end ALL foreign aid and the refugee program.

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Today we are constantly being told by our government that we need to "tighten our belts" and "make sacrifices for the economy."

 The way we treat our elderly is absolutely disgusting.  They work their whole lives loyal to their country paying taxes only to be an afterthought for a government that is more interested in looking good in the UN.  Then taking care of one of our most vulnerable and treasured sections of our society.

and Why? Because were told there is not enough money.

 Our homeless crisis is completely out of control.  Our emergency  accommodation services have a long waiting list which by definition means. They are not emergency services.

 Our child protection agency are underfunded and understaffed just like every institution that is there to help Australians. So every day children are put in harms way due to a system completely incapable of protecting them.

 The standard of our public health system is a national disgrace.

They have just lowered the pay for our lowest paid workers.

 And we are well on our way to having a whole class of working poor..

yet... just to name a few. We give $365 million to Indonesia EVERY YEAR.

This is to a country that puts punishing drug dealers at the same place on the  priority list as Muslim terrorist that have blown up Australians.

 The money that we spend on the processing and resettlement of refugees just has to stop.

 The money spent on helping other countries.  Or bringing foreign nationals to our shores.. Is money that could be used to get Australians in need above the poverty line.

We pretty much dismantled the mental health system to save money.  So we have mentally ill people all over Australia running around because we decided we couldn't afford to give them the treatment they need. Treatment that was considered VITAL before budget cuts were  part of the decision-making process.

 Every time they increase anything.

They do it by taking something away from our lowest income families,  The elderly or childcare ect. Like that's the only place the gov can ever draw funds from. And how long is the wait for a hospital bed these days?

 Generations past could buy a house raise a family comfortably maybe even buy a boat or a holiday house.  But now most of my generation and younger will never know what it's like to own their own home.

 It's almost like we are all going to work every day for the sole reason of making sure that Australia can please the extreme left.  And give our PM something to brag about, to the UN.

 The crimewave and Moomba riots have also shown how much damage importing a third world culture into our society can do.

 If we could solve these problems.

 I would gladly give a percentage of our national gross profit every year.

 I would even spend more than we do now.  

BUT NO UNTIL  The middle class can be restored.

I've always believed that if you work hard. Then you are entitled to NOT struggle.  But now working familes all over the country are fighting off poverty, living week to week hand to mouth. Trying to work out which necessity they can go without this week.  Our elderly deserve to see out their final days with dignity. Not scratching and struggling to stay above the poverty line.  While we throw money at people through welfare after bringing them to the country.

 So I'm basically asking to please make the problems of Australians a priority.  If we run out of money it should not be at the expense of Australians.  I am not demanding to cut the f' aid and refugees for luxuries. It's just that the issues above (and many others) is the direction that our money should be going to 1st.

 Everybody knows that if you wants to "give"  you need to make sure that you are in a position to give.  Then you can give lots more and you can do it ongoing and consistently.

 But if we just keep bleeding money to foreign problems like this. Before we know it. There won't be any money for either set of issues.  Not to mention the crimewave that we imported that's costing us millions.  If we really must spend this type of money on foreign causes then at least spend it on fixing  their countries.  Instead of just transporting there issues here. 

 The ones that really need help are the ones that can't get out of the country anyway.

 So not only is it wrong but it's completely unnecessary,  and doesn't achieve the desired result anyway.

So please sign this petition.

 And let's help Australians like you and me. Who have been completely sold out and forgotten by our governments and the left side of the political spectrum.

 Thank you for taking the time to read this.

 I am not a racist xenophobe or an alarmist. I have no hate inside me.

 But it hurts me to know that Australia stopped being for Australians along time ago.  All to please a vocal minority that refuses to debate the issues.  And shuts down any opinion contrary to their own by demonising them as racists/biggots.

 Maybe with a full petition. They might be a little more hesitant to paint us as Racists/biggots/Nazi's.

 That's why I'm sending this to leaders of both the mainstream political parties.  And Pauline Hanson of one nation.  That way when the numbers come through they cannot be simply dismissed and stuck in a draw  waiting to ONLY be used to attack your opposition.  Let's get the numbers so big that Pauline Hanson can garner enough  political support.  To get legislation going !

Australia for ALL AUSTRALIANS !!! (Not just the new ones)






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