Family Law Reform

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Presiding Family Court Judges in Australia are disregarding evidence of family violence bought before them and are systematically Ordering that children of separated parents live in the part time care of an abusive parent.  Most unbelievabley and far too often, Judges are Ordering the  removal of children from the care of a protective parent altogether and placing them in the full time care of the abusive parent. Family Court Judges in Australia are of the belief that 90% of parents, mostly mothers, that claim domestic violence are lying. Studies however show that the opposite is true, less than 10% of parents who claim domestic violence are lying. Many protective parents who refuse to hand their frightened children over to the care of an abusive parent are punished for disobeying court Orders by having the children removed from their care. This is extremely traumatic for the children and it has long lasting effects. The current legal system is causing great harm to families and is contributing to the family violence endemic in Australia.  There has been much campaigning for Family Law Reform, most predominantly by Australian of the Year 2015 Rosie Batty. Our courts need to have family violence education. Thousands of families are suffering. Please sign and help me convince the government to create a more effective legal system.