Fair Health Insurance for the Australian people

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Dear Mr. Turnbull,

As you are probably aware BUPA Australia has introduced a set of changes to health insurance coverage for it’s members. These changes to the medical gap scheme are being widely criticised by the medical community and the general public as they are being foreseen to avoid giving appropriate level of cover for which members have been relying on BUPA. There is fear in the general population that if BUPA is allowed to get away with these changes, other insurers  are highly likely to follow suit. There is such a strong backlash from the community that the honorable  Health Minister Mr. Greg Hunt has ordered the health ombudsman to investigate this decision by BUPA. 

We strongly urge you and your government to force BUPA to roll back these changes with immediate effect. Medical costs in Australia are already very high and it is extremely unethical on BUPA to do this to our communities, the elderly and the children after making record profits from the Insurance business. 

Looking forward to your decisions and actions on this matter.