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End the harrassment. Change privacy laws to stop unwanted telemarketing.

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I am not alone in receiving large amounts of spam/scam callers. Day or night, multiple times a day - block the number and they have 100 more numbers to call you on. If a number is being blocked by thousands of people, it shouldn't be legal to call from another number. It shouldn't be legal to harrass people. By phone or email - any method of contact.

Intervention orders are granted on individuals who harrass others. Why is the business sector allowed? Police don't even have that right. Why don't these businesses have to obey privacy and harrassment laws and be bound to legal channels in order to pursue a person? 

The DO NOT CALL register is inept and doesn't work. 

People are blocking these numbers because THEY AREN'T INTERESTED. But these businesses won't take rejection or NO for an answer. No means NO, and that is not limited to sexual harrassment/offences. 

Whether it is a bogus competition, a charity, a store you have purchased from in the past, dodgy debt collectors, any entity purchasing or being given/forwarded databases of people's details; they all breach privacy laws enough to warrant Australians in a class action to have intervention orders placed on these companies.

Is this what Australians will be forced to resort to due to lack of regulation and government/legal protection?

The regulations for these companies requires major change and the government needs to act now. 

Personally, I will not buy from a business that has used telemarketing tactics to try and get a sale. Once was a customer, now actively avoided. I am now deterred to give money - since charities are allowed to harrass 24/7. Nobody cares if it is a third party, these charities approve of the harrassment campaign and 'green light' telemarketing harrassment tactics. 

How are scam competitions legal? All those places want are personal details. Why isn't this a business crime - more importantly, why haven't they been shut down already? 

Please support this petition to get the Prime Minister's attention and let him see the number of people who want an end to tekemarketing harrassment and scams. 

Let Malcolm Turnbull know that he needs to improve laws and regulations in the telemarketing sector.

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