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Don't increase University fees for Australian students

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Dear Prime Minister and Minister of Education,

I urge you not to increase the cost of obtaining higher education, namely university fees. Most university students are already struggling financially in our economic climate as is, and mature aged students like myself who have children or a family to care for cannot afford to study with the increased cost of living in Australia. This proposed increase will further inhibit the students ability to afford housing and pursue a career upon completion of their studies.

My university qualification will take 6 years to obtain; by the time I finish I will already be in my late thirties. As a carer for my son who is special needs, you now also want me to spend well into my 40's paying back my student fees whilst I am obtaining this degree to help others. I am studying psychology to assist with the mental health epidemic that is overtaking our country, and its no surprise that the rate of mental illness is so high when politicians are out of touch with their citizens and how the daily financial struggles are taking their toll on our society. 

All this will do is discourage our youth and mature age civilians from pursuing their goals of higher education therefore resulting in less qualified Australians for our jobs, which will inevitably see us outsourcing from overseas where their education fees are low or non existent. University fees are already high enough, if anything they should be lowered or abolished to encourage keeping skills in the country. You forget that university fees are not the only cost associated with obtaining a university qualification, factor in the cost of travel, parking, childcare to name a few.

I think you are out of touch with the majority of Australians and you need to revise your budget to take from the rich (who can afford to contribute financially), not the poor who are getting educated to contribute to our economy and sustain its future.

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