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Decriminalise the use of medicinal cannabis for people with terminal cancer like my son.

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Lucy Haslam
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UPDATE: The 24th February 2019 marks the fourth anniversary of the death from bowel cancer of my beautiful 25-year-old son Dan Haslam - and is the third anniversary of the legislative changes we believed would make medicinal cannabis available to all sick Australians who needed it. 

Called 'Dan's Law', I was once so proud of something I thought we'd achieved through our campaign and via our petition on Change.org which received over 250,000 signatures, but now I'm angry and bitterly disappointed.

Dan’s Law was put in place to legalise the cultivation of medicinal cannabis in Australia. But was it all for nothing? I'm therefore re-starting this petition and asking for your help to fix the medicinal cannabis mess.


Our 24 year old son has a terminal cancer diagnosis. He is receiving great benefit from using medical cannabis to manage his nausea, vomiting and poor appetite. He is also using cannabis oil in a bid to halt the progression of his disease.

We can see the changes in him and fully believe that cannabis is absolutely the right path for him to go down as conventional treatments have failed him. The adoption of the 5 recommendations of the NSW Parliament Legislative General Purpose Standing Committee No. 4: The use of cannabis for medical purposes, is essential to Daniel and the thousands of terminally ill and debilitated Australians who would benefit from the use of Medicinal Cannabis. These patients and their carers (just like us) are being forced to break the law to obtain and to use cannabis, mostly without medical supervision because they are fearful to expose themselves. The medical evidence is available and opinions worldwide are changing based on this evidence, yet the NSW Government is still sitting on its hands and demonstrating a complete lack of compassion with its disregard for these recommendations. 

Adoption of these recommendations will afford the terminally ill and chronic pain suffers the right to choose a treatment which is beneficial to them, whilst being protected from arrest and prosecution under the current NSW legislation.

Our son cannot afford to wait for the government to step up. We need help now!