Please Don’t Wait Until DV Victims are Injured or Dead to Act

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Dear Mr. Turnbull,

We write to you to ask you to make a change to current Domestic Violence legislation, which only allows police to step in and make an arrest after a victim is either injured, or deceased. 

This legislation is dangerous and ineffective and means that when it comes to credible threats of violence, including death threats, stalking and harassment, the police are powerless to intervene. That is, until it is too late, and the violence has already occurred. 

This includes death threats towards children.

Mr. Turnbull, please don’t wait until Australians are injured and deceased to act.

I call on you to urgently reform Domestic Violence Legislation and: 

- Put power in police hands to arrest, prosecute and hold offenders in custody for making threats of violence (including death threats, stalking, and harassment), before the violence has occurred and it is already too late

- Ensure that greater protections are put in place for Victims of Domestic Violence, rather than waiting until an Apprehended Violence Order (or AVO) is violated before taking action 

 Yours Sincerely.