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Dear Prime Minister,

We, the Sri Lankan Muslim community living in Australia and around the world are worried and concerned of the riots led by the Sinhalese Mobs and monks over Muslims.

A few days ago, the violence began in the city of Ampara where a mosque was damaged due to a false allegation made by a Buddhist group on a Muslim shop regarding medicines. In the meantime, 4 Muslims have beaten a Buddhist man who after 8 days died in hospital; Although, it is alleged that the true reason for his death was lethal injection by some political personnel, to exploit this incident to gain countrywide support on their planned riots.

Since then, the mobs have attacked many towns in Kandy region and have burned shops, houses, vehicles and all sorts of properties owned by Muslims. For the last two days it is spreading all over the country and now not only the properties but also the very lives of people are threatened.

We must emphasize that Muslims in Sri Lanka have never been part of any sort of violence, we respect our government, law and order and are living humbly and meant no harm even when we were threatened and been purposely provoked in various ways by some extremist Buddhist groups.

Despite the declaration of martial law 6th of March, the riots are still ongoing; And the police, special task forces from the army and Navy have failed to protect the Muslims. At most occasions, the troops walk away or unsee while the mobs do the crime.

We as a community, humbly hope that you would give enough pressure to our Sri Lankan government, the Prime minister Ranil Wickramasinghe, officially or personally, to enforce strict law and order within Sri Lanka. It would, not only bring peace in Sri Lanka, but also prevent any potential asylum seekers overseas.

We sincerely thank you!