Cigarette butt recycling bins in Australia

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In a recent clean up Australia day Cigarette butts were found to be the most common form of litter holding 12% of everything picked up. But why is this so if they are the most harmful to our environment?

Cigarette butts can take between 2 - 20 years to decompose, leaking toxic chemicals into the environment. Although they have the ability to be recycled, the biodegradable parts such as the tabacco and paper can be composted and the acetate plastic as well other parts are able to be recycled and turned into park benches and other beneficial objects for our communities.

Cigarettes contain harmful chemicals and substances such as acetone, tar, lead and arsenic. It's bad enough we're allowing it to be legal for people to inhale and exhale these poisons but we don't need to put other people, animals and environments at harm because of them. 

The earth is not an ashtray... and it's not just our home.