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Change Australia Day to 'One Day Earlier' (25th Jan) — It's the least we can do.

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The debate to change Australia Day to an alternate date away from the 26th of January will continue to rage until an inevitable change occurs. Not before a whole heap of bluster, fluster and general arguing.

So let's not waste tens of millions of dollars on delaying the inevitable, let's embrace Australian 'she'll be right' kind of attitudes, and just simply move the date one day earlier. It's the least we can do.

By moving Australia Day 'one day earlier' to the 25th of January, very little needs to change to create a day for everyone.

What are the pros of “One Day Earlier”?:

* If you’re a devout monarchist and want to re-enact the First Fleet arrival on 26th January each year, you still can.  Go bananas! No change.

* If you’re an Indigenous Australian who speaks to January 26th as a day of shame and mourning … fair enough! No change.

* If you like having a summer barbie and perhaps a cold refreshment for our national day while listening to whatever version of Hot 100 that floats your boat … then the weather will still be just perfect for it.

* If you really would rather we just left Australia Day alone on January 26th then you’ve just made sure that some politician or activist can’t plonk it in the middle of footy finals when they do eventually get around to it? Because they probably would!

* If you really couldn’t care less and just wish they’d talk about something else on the tv in January, then … well … yeah … you win too!  Problem solved.

As a past Australia Day lambassador might say “You know it makes sense”.

Our national day should simply be An Australia Day For Everyone and not a reason to have a blue, to lather up a sweat or to get all antsy with each other.  So let’s just pick a day that gives everyone a go at getting involved, without a big hoo-hah and without the song and dance.  Now that’s the least we can do!

Visit us and sign up to change Australia Day with the least effort and fuss as you possibly can muster at and hashtag your socials with #onedayearlier

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