Centrelink to employ adequate staff numbers to answer calls in under 10 minutes

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It has become increasingly obvious that the present Ministerial regime is purposely making it near on impossible for the vulnerable in our society to communicate with Centrelink. If you go into Centrelink you are told that they can't help you and you are told you need to phone them. Then if you are lucky the number is not engaged. Then you are put on hold with music that is (in my humble opinion) designed to torture you, for periods of time often exceeding an hour and a half (that is if you are lucky and the call is not disconnected). I have discussed this problem with a Centrelink social worker who explained it is because they are understaffed??? I questioned if she seen the irony in this as Centrelink is actively forcing Centrelink recipients to work for the dole doing inane tasks that are of no benefit to the job seeker or the community. The irony was not lost on this particular worker. DHHS has recently spent big money hiring an organization to recommend ways to improve Centrelinks service and then ignored the recommendations? Do we really want an elected Government body (who is actually elected to serve the people, not the other way around) treating the vulnerable in our society in this undignified, humiliating and (in my mind) bullying manner. Please support our cause and sign this petition.

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