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Cancel the Fixed Wireless contract with Ericsson

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Over 2,700 Fixed Wireless Towers are being deployed by NBN Co and it's equipment supplier, Ericsson.

The Australian lanscape will be cluttered with thousands of 41 meter-high electromagnetic radiation towers that will be subleased to Telco's to be loaded up with more antennas. Fixed Wireless (WiFi) operates on 2.3Ghz and a microwave oven uses 2.44Ghz. Due to a complex and unreasonable set of local, federal and state legislation, NBN Co have been able to site towers as close as 40 meters from residents homes. Secretly. Quietly. Without proper community consultation.

These towers transmit 24x7x365. Countries around the world are halting WiFi deployments due to scientific evidence they cause biological harm at low levels, over extended periods of time. Fatigue | Nausea | Insomnia | Depression | Behavioural problems in children | DNA damage | and cancer clusters within 500 meters of EMR Towers. Research continues, but ARPANSA research is funded by the Telco Industry and refutes any scientific evidence claiming it is not 'proof'.

There is no 'proof' EMR is safe. On the contrary - and countries are adopting the 'precautionary principle' when deploying EMR. Australia, is not. The UK & Sweden shield residents homes when affected by EMR.

Fibre to the Node (FTTN) and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) are the only combination suitable for Australia to avoid a digital divide between country and city.

Malcolm Turnbull: Cancel the Ericsson $1.1 Bn contract with Ericsson and ensure Australians have either FTTP or FTTN. Stop the wireless towers.

Please take 18 minutes to watch the video to understand what WiFi is, the science and the inaction of ARPANSA. NBN Co Fixed Wireless is WiFi, on a large, community-wide scale.

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