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Cameras installed in group homes / aged care and respite facilities

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our Australian people living with a disability need our protection , and they need protecting NOW. There are far too many cases of abuse happening as we speak. Our people who are vulnerable or unable to communicate living in group homes , aged care facilities , respite facilities , and relying on disability transport are being abused ( physically and sexually). Imagine being abused day in and day out for years and unable to communicate what is happening to you. This is the reality of some of our people today. Cameras being compulsory installed in facilities where those who are vulnerable live or rely on , would be a great start to protect those who need it , and for some reason , to date , anyone's plea to have them installed , has been ignored. Why??? To protect workers?? To protect reputations?? cameras would protect everyone involved. It's so simple. I  have spoken to far too many people who's loved ones have been abused and it has to stop. Some Carers are too scared to leave their loved ones in respite facilities , just incase anything happens , and carers deserve to have a break from their caring roll , without having to worry something is happening to their loved ones. I am also over the excuse that cameras installed will take away residents privacy. In my opinion , those who are unable to communicate or suffer mental health conditions, the need to protect them from abuse far outweighs protecting their privacy. I have a 10 year old son with a disability and I should not have to worry that who I am leaving him with may abuse him. Cameras installed around his respite facilities , I believe will protect him as well as give piece of mind. And if carers are doing their job right , they should not be concerned about being monitored. I am calling on the Australian government to make it compulsory for cameras to be installed in all areas of group homes , aged care facilities , respite facilities , disability transport , childcare facilities and support units in schools, To give a voice to those who don't have one. Please sign this petition to protect our most vulnerable Australians. Someone has too

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