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Build The Canal

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There's only one way Australia will become a relevant country in the future.

We need to flood central Australia.

Yes, you heard me right. We need a flood. But... how, you may be asking?

Simple. Dig a Panama canal-style trench that connects Point A to Point B (Lake Eyre), as in the above picture. The sea will flood through, enter the lake, and we will have access to more water than ever before.

Why do this? It's simple. More water inland of Australia will mean more precipitation - not only will the area around Lake Eyre become greener, but so will much of the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Farmers could finally farm without fear of drought - our agricultural industry would be revived. And we could expand into the countryside - a great Colonial pursuit like Manifest Destiny in the USA. We would have immeasurable power - immeasurable potential.

We would have an immeasurable destiny.


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