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Bill's Law - Supply Australia before Exporting

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When Australian gas is keeping the lights on and manufacturers operating in other countries, whilst we have gas shortages and blackouts at home. Something is wrong.
When we see shortages of baby formulae in Australia, whilst overseas consumers are filling their babies’ tummies. Something is wrong.
When we send iron ore and coal overseas, but can't produce steel cheaper than they can off the back of our resources in China. Something is wrong.
We are not against exports. They are the backbone of our economy and underpin many tens of thousands of jobs.
What we are against is greedy companies who sell Australia's products and services cheaper overseas than they supply them into the Australian marketplace.  That is why we are proposing Bill's law.
We petition the Leaders of all Australian political parties to implement the following law:   "That no company may export products or services from Australia unless they offer the same or better product or service to Australian consumers and other businesses at the same or lower price".   It's not rocket science and it is well within the power of the Federal Government to pass such a law.
No politics, no bickering, no finger pointing.  Just do what is right for Australia and implement this law without delay.

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