Ban Microbeads in Australia, stop sea pollution

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My name is Olive and I'm 10 years old. I'm concerned about the planet that I will inherit. I am petitioning to ban microbeads in products in Australia. 

Micro beads are manufactured solid plastic particles of less than 5 millimetres. These tiny particles are used in personal care products such as face scrubs, body washes and even toothpastes, where they act as abrasives. Microbeads and micro plastics often serve no purpose other than looks and can be replaced by natural environmentally friendly substances.

Microbeads get flushed down our drains and into the ocean where fish can easily consume the micro plastics that collectively have a large surface area and absorb pollutants and toxins. What goes in the fish goes in us when we eat them. In effect, we are poisoning ourselves at the same time as poisoning our oceans.

 38 countries and regions have committed to banning microbeads. so why not australia? We need to take action to put a ban on domestic micro beads.

 I don’t want the beaches that mean so much to me, and countless others, to be polluted. Nor do I want plastics and toxins to be sitting in your stomach right now.

 I am trying my hardest to prevent the complete pollution of our ocean. When I wrote to Malcolm Turnbull discussing my concerns regarding micro beads, he replied with a generic response that failed to address any of the issues that I raised.

 So I need your help. If you want to be part of saving our planet then please sign my online petition. I want to be proud to be Australian and I want to save our ocean!

It is my generation that will be inheriting the planet, so I feel that my voice should be heard. One of the important steps toward preserving this planet for future generations is the banning of micro beads.

Thank you and I would really appreciate your help.

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