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Ban all Organisations financing ISIS

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We do not want any Islamic Schools, Mosques, Community or suburbs and Halal Certification Food anymore, as even the Muslims are scared about this whole Extremist Organisation. If they are here in Australia, they have to abide to the laws, they can pray but they do not need to have their own schools or community center as this is where they brain wash the kids. Mosques have been great potential of Weapons hidden places. They should not be allowed to have a suburbs where all of them live nor named after as they planning in Melton and other places in VIC, nor What they planned in Sydney and many other places. We are witnessing the outcome of this all around the world and none have been a good thing compared to other religions and beliefs. All these masquerades have to be ban, we are cannot allow to be fooled one more time by them.

Let's take a stand and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! This is AUSTRALIA a country of Christians and let it be so... When you invite someone in your house they abide to your rules and values not the opposite... 

Mr Malcolm We pray you may take the right decision on this, as much as we are proud to be multi cultured yet we can't deny the fact we were first Christians...and denying this is denying your and our children their legacy.

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