Australians demand the Government starts a North to south irrigation plan for our farmers.

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As we are all aware our farmers have been forgotten by our government with small bandaid solutions being implemented day by day to save face and shine light away from the fact that they have a solution to this problem but refuse to fix it.

In 1938 the Bradfield irrigation scheme was proposed which is an internal irrigation infrastructure that runs from the north of Australia to the south feeding water to all of rural NSW,QLD and SA but nothing has been done to make this happen. 

In more recent years the plans have been updated to include new technology which would mean it would now be even faster and cheaper to build this system being much less than the cost of our failed nbn internet rollout with much greater impact on many Australians lives and the economy.

Why our government has not implemented this plan is beyond crazy so it’s time we let them know we want our tax payers dollars spent in Australia when Australians need it the most before giving other country’s hundreds of millions of dollars for weaponary and many other decisions we do not agree with. We are fed up with how they have completely lost touch with what the voters want and are making decisions based on their own personal beliefs over the people they are suppose to be speaking on behalf of.

They can not even think about getting our vote without fixing this once and for all.