Australian Govt: Oppose Israel's siege of Al-Aqsa Compound

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We, United4AlAqsa demand the Australian government opposes the current siege of Al Aqsa.

As a coalition of Palestinian community members and activists, representatives of Muslim, Christian and Jewish faiths, Aboriginal and Torris Strait Islander groups, Refugee adovocacy groups, and left-wing supporters, we feel ashamed by the Australian government's silence. 

The Australian government has been selectively silent while Al-Aqsa is under attack in Jerusalem. Worshippers have been banned from praying in Al-Aqsa compound and metal detectors and other security checks have been erected in an assault on Palestinian sovereignty over East Jerusalem. This is only the recent assault in the erasure of Islamic cites in the city under Israel's continuous Zionist project. 

In outrage and solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and sisters, we demand that the Australian government:

- Opposes Israeli aggression on Al-Aqsa

- Pressures Israel to end the closure of Al-Aqsa compound

- Pressures Israel to restore complete Palestinian sovereignty over Al-Aqsa and East Jerusalem

- Pressures Israel to Remove of all security checks at Al-Aqsa; metal detectors and cameras, and stop and search operations

- Pressures Israel to end of gender, age and religious discrimination on entering Al-Aqsa

- Uses its leverage in the international community to condemn Israel's violation of human rights obligations under Geneva Convention and U.N. signed declarations

- Uses its leverage in the International community to ensure Israel halts the erasure of Islamic holy sites in Jerusalem.

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