Australia must withdraw from the United Nations, UNHRC, UNESCO, and all other UN bodies

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The United Nations is an "unelected" body of people, that no longer serves its established functions.   The actions of the combined UN Human Rights Commission, UN Refugee Commission, UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization all seek to further agendas that are extremely questionable and do not demonstrate prudent consideration/welfare of the populations they seek to force their policies on.

Australia and all Western democracy members are forced to abide by UN rulings,  taking away the sovereign rights of their elected Govts to decide many policies in the best interest of their own populations (refugees, human rights, climate change) etc.

The current UN is controlled by the single largest voting bloc, the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Conference)  - or to be specific 57 Islamic countries.  The monstrous Islamic bias emanating from the UN is grossly apparent and questionable!   To name but a few:-

*    Many genocides occurring, totally ignored by UN. (Christians in the Middle East)

*    Saudi Arabia, notable for its women having absolutely NO rights has been elected to the UN Women's Rights Commission??? 

*    Refugees (convicted of heinous crimes in Western countries) cannot be deported back to (predominantly Muslim countries), where they may be 'disadvantaged or discriminated against'.   Hence Western Nations are forced to maintain people often who should not have qualified as refugees in the first place! UNHRC - thanks

*    UNESCO has declared many ancient and sacred Jewish sites (Wailing wall, Tomb of the Patriarchs etc),  historical jewish sites 600 yrs before Islam existed, TO BE Officially declared "Historical Islamic areas", totally disregarding the Jewish people's rights and heritage!!!   This is clearly blind Islamic Bias.

*   The UN Security Council despite many world crisis's, many countries run by despots in obvious breach of human rights, has chosen to single out the only democracy in the Middle East (Israel) to perpetually demonise, criticise and pass numerous resolutions against, whilst choosing to ignore human rights violations in their own Islamic dominated countries.   Again an acknowledged and highly questionable bias!

Time to end this farce!!!    The UN collects Billions of taxpayer dollars from Australia and member countries, is not "accountable" for it's unfettered expenditure choices and it has been widely criticised for gross mismanagement across many of it's subsidiaries.   

The UN demonstrates NO practical benefit or advantage to Australia, except maybe a place where our Govt Ministers and elites can gather on the taxpayer dollar for a great 'jaunt".    Vote LEAVE and free up millions of taxpayer dollars to be better spent on Australians in need.


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