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Aboriginals need to be finally recognised as Australian Citizens in 2017!

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Today my Year 8 class were lucky to hear from Grant Rigney, a Ngarrindjeri man, who came to talk to them about what his thoughts were on citizenship.

But there was a stumbling block. He said I just want to let you know that Aboriginals aren't considered Australian citizens. I was in shock. Really in 2017 - how did I not know this??

When he went on to tell my class, a 13 year old boy said, "But that's not fair!! How can that be?"

Another teacher and I who taught this subject thought we need to look into this- surely wasn't that what the referendum of 1967 -50 years ago fixed up? It changed Aboriginal men, women and children from being property or flora and fauna to being part of our community. An important and acknowledged part of Australia. But sadly no- the question which was asked merely led to clarifying the 6 different sets of laws that Aboriginals were forced to endure plus the right to be counted in the census!

I understand people are skeptical that by "Recognizing as oppose to reconciliation" we really just achieve acknowledgement rather than actual change which is required with treaties. Currently the USA, Canada and NZ all recognize Aboriginal or their first people in their Federal Constitutions and back it up with treaties that clarify the laws relating to their rights.

If all I do is educate 1 more person that like me was uneducated about my own countries' Constitution then this petition would have served it's purpose- but in 1967 5,183,113 people in Australia thought a referendum should see real changes and acknowledgment- 50 years later it's time to ensure it did what it was supposed to do.

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