Abolishment of Religious Taxation Freedoms

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Throughout history, religion has played a large role in moulding cultures and collections of humans alike.

History shows us a myriad of religious wars which resulted in the death of countless men, women and children all in the name of gods we have not yet scientifically proven to exist. Religion burnt, mutilated and murdered supposed witches, pagans, sinners and those who simply would not conform. Religion allowed slavery and the seperation of blacks from whites. Religion implemented patriarchal cultures which still require women to cover parts, if not all of their body including their face. Religion prevents women from being in public, to drive, vote or even have a job. In some parts of the world religion requires the mutilation of both female and male genitals alike. Present day suicide bombings and shootings are evident that there seems to be no end to the issues religion brings humanity.

More recently and closer to home, the Australian Liberal Party consisting of conservative Christian backed politicians ordered a plebiscite to be held regarding Same Sex Marriage equality. This cost tax payers an estimate of 122 million dollars of which religion has no part in paying. We can all agree that this plebiscite simply would not have been passed without such a large religious backing.

As most of you may be aware, religious institutions are exempt from paying tax in Australia. It is estimated, that a total of $30 BILLION a year is being exempt. The Catholic Church accounts for half of that. It is bigger than all the others combined, pulling in about $16 billion annually.

According to a recent IPSOS global poll, 2 in 3 Australians believe religion causes more harm than good.

I believe it's time that the religious entities of Australia formally contribute to the society they so deperately seek to control.

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