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Abolish the tampon tax

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Having your period is not a luxury, if you ask every women if they would choose to have their period or not they would say of course not i mean who wants to go through bloody period every month, heavy flows, back pain, cramps etc...

So I ask you this would you want to pay tax on something you need regularly? 

Consider this items condoms, razer blades, nicotine patches these are some items classed as luxury items that means tax free

Many women in australia who are homeless are either getting out from domestic violence or trying to walk away from an abusive relationship do not have necessity, to purchase sanitary napkins so think about this while we go on living our lives, many homeless women are washing their bloody undies is unhygienic sinks and drying their undies under public toilet hand dryer because they choose to put food in their childrens tummy. This is not on so I am pleading with you to make a change. 

Please help me by signing we can help abolish this tax and help women in need of this get the neccesity they need.




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