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Abolish State and Federal compulsory voting and make Australia a TRUE democracy.

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Voting is a civil right not a civil duty.

I would like to first and foremost start by acknowledging we live in what is supposed to be a democracy. Representing all walks of life, including those who exercise their right not to vote. We are penalised to use our democratic right NOT to vote unless we are serving more than a 3 year prison sentence or identifying with a handful of religious minorities. 

Of 206 countries, 23 of these have a compulsory voting law. Made up of mostly underdeveloped and 3rd world countries. Only 11 of these actually enforce this law, including North Korea, Nauru and Australia. Meaning 90% of the worlds population are free to exercise the most basic of human rights, without fear of prosecution or condemnation.  

Currently a fine, summons to court and even a recorded conviction can be imposed simply for choosing not to vote. 

With an increase of ‘dummy’ or ‘protest’ votes, enrolled voters choosing to pay a fine instead of voting and the rise of un-enrolled eligible Australians choosing to stay un-enrolled to avoid penalties if they choose not to vote. This speaks volumes on the basic choices and rights that have been taken away from the average Australian. 

Lets start living in an ACTUAL democracy where we have a choice, and not a society dictated by out of date Government laws. 


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