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Abolish Daylight Saving in Australia!

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There are too many reasons that we should abolish daylight saving in Australia. We are a low latitude and warm country so that daylight saving actually bring us these troubles more than its benefits,

1. For aged people, especially those with cardio issues, daylight saving increases the risk for heart attacks in the mornings of the first few weeks of daylight saving. It increase the chance for you to lose your lovers, or increase the burden of our medical system.

2. For parents, how cruel it is that often just when we feel as though we’ve got our kids sorted with sleep time, daylight savings comes along and wrecks our wonderful routines? This is also a solid reason that we don't really need daylight saving.

3. Does daylight saving really saves energy today? Daylight saving was introduced during world war 1, when we did not have too many aircons. Today, the increase of power consumption on aircons is far more than what we can save from lights!

4. Does daylight saving really increase the sales of retailer and restaurants? Statistics shows that when the clock wounds back, it is usually a 7-10% drop of sales which impacts more on these businesses!

5. Are you really happy to see your family members or friends get injured or even lost their life in the morning accidents? Daylight saving causes people travelling eastwards in the morning 1 more month driving towards the sun. With their sleepy eyes, it massively increases the accident rates.

6. In most of the places in Australia, if we don't use daylight saving, at the time we go to bed, it is usually cool enough. And, why not use the 1 cool hour in the morning to improve sleeping?

7. Think about farmers in Australia. Would the cows get up 1 hour early as well? Farmers have to get up very early everyday, don't make their daily route even earlier!

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