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A change in women being allowed to make decisions regarding their health, for themselves.

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As women, we should have every right to make decisions regarding our health and reproductive rights, shouldn't we? Unfortunately, we don't have that right. We are constantly told by the Health Department that we are not allowed to make any decisions for ourselves. It comes down to our ages, our mental stability, our health and many other factors. Everyday women are being denied the choices they make for themselves. Its unfair to those that want that right but are not allowed. For instance, women want a tubal ligation after children. We know what happens with this procedure, we know that it is VERY hard to be reversed but that's a decision that WE should be allowed to make for ourselves. If in 10 years we decide we want another child, we pay for the procedure to ATTEMPT to reverse the Tubal Ligation or we pay for IVF. We cannot sue the Health Department for any reason but unfortunately, many have tried to. Our partners/husbands are being refused Vasectomies because of our ages etc... Why? We're both consenting adults, why are we not being listened to? Why are our choices in the hands of someone else? I'm here to hopefully make a change to this. To make the Health Minister and the Prime Minister, Mr Malcolm Turnbull, realise that we deserve that right. Help me, help you and many other women, get this decision making right, alive.

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