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Where do our women stand today in society?

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Where do our women stand in society today?

Is it always that women are raped and we still are just not concerned?

Isnt this an issue we all should stop?Where are the values and cultures our parents have taught us? Dont we need to stand up and fight for the women in our society?

Is this just a "small issue". You just read about it and do not react? Where is the freedom given to our ladies? Why are they in a constant fear of being cheated and Raped ?

Everyday newspapers give the same headlines that today this man hanged his girl to death,or this girl is again raped or else today the times are so changing because deaths of women happen "accidentally"...!

Can we all just think on this issue once and start reacting? It's as it is to late to begin, still lets start today atleast?


Cant we contribute little for our dear girls and let them live a life too? If they do so much for us,cant we give back to them?



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