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Free Kassim Ahmad

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Kassim Ahmad is a Malaysian thinker and philosopher.  Kassim Ahmad does nothing wrong such as committing violence, promoting violence, committing severe crimes. He just expresses his belief and what he believes the true Islam is. He is arrested by Malaysian mainstream Muslim authority because of his comments on Islam. He does not follow the mainstream version of Islam. Instead, he puts the Quran as the only main source of Islam and he wants Hadith (the alleged sayings and traditions of Prophet Muhammad) to be re-evaluated using the Quran and only accepts Hadiths that are in line with the Quran. The Malaysian Muslim authority are only concerned about what others want to believe. They want every Muslim to believe the same and arrest those who go against them. Kassim Ahmad is a great person because he opens the minds of the conservatives and orthodox.

By signing this petition, you have shown your tolerance towards other people's beliefs. There is nothing dangerous with his views and belief because his belief and views are very contrary to radical Islamism. His belief also does not support stoning to death, killing apostates, killing infidels, child marriage, forcing girls / women to cover up, men beating women like in Traditional / Mainstream / Orthodox Islam. No matter what your belief is, where you are from and what your political view is, if you sign this petition, you are showing that you are against 'holier-than-thou' attitude, intolerance and religious supremacy.

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