Changing the working hours for malaysian Medical Officers. Enough is enough

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I am hoping to garner enough voices to have a major revamp into the Malaysian Medical Officer working hours under the Malaysian Health Ministry. To have all Malaysian Medical officer’s voices heard under KKM. 

All talks about Malaysia’s interns working hours, being cut short from 75 hours to 62hours a week. Quote:

Who is listening to the most important group of medical doctors under the Malaysian health ministry- the medical officers?

I am a paediatrician who has left the Malaysian health system because, to me, it is engraved with the fear of speaking up, culture of oppression and an ultimate rotten system filled with culture of bullying. I have seen too much to leave me with no choice but to leave the system and country. 

There is no labour law for medical officers, i was told. It is dominated by head of departments who write policies that takes up our time with our family, who robs us off our strength to serve the people and most importantly, drains us dry from our passion to work as a medical doctor. 

An average medical officer works for 36 hours straight, 3-4 times a week, averaging 220-240hours per fortnight. Is that even physiological possible? I strongly doubt so. 

Yes i must admit, Malaysian doctors are well trained, and well equipped with clinical skills. But are we practicing and treating patients under our best physical and mental condition? I strongly oppose to that. 

So since I have left the country, why do i still care you may ask. 

Because i am in the position to speak up without fear, i am in the position to criticize freely without the fear of losing my job, and most importantly, it is heart breaking and frustrating to see some of my fellow passionate colleagues who are feeling drained and planned to quit their job for their family. 

Malaysian health ministry is losing the battle. Because they are losing passionate, experienced and skilled people to private health system, to other profession, and to other countries. Because they are burnt out.