Stop taxing Malaysian women for their Periods! Period.

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Everyone: Let's Email an Appeal to Government in Numbers

We have a reliable source from the government, who has relayed to us that almost 800 items are currently being considered as Zero GST rated items. Guess what? Sanitary pads and tampons are NOT in that list. We later learned that this is because there has been no official complaint to the Ministry to appeal for all sanitary pads and tampons to be moved to the Zero GST list. In order for an item to be considered for this list, we need help in numbers. This is where you come in. On top of the petition you have already signed, we would like you help in also officially emailing them at this address: For added impact, we highly recommend you cc the following emails as well: In that email, you may copy the following messages in either English or BM. They serve as a basic message for your complaint. You may add anything else you feel is necessary. Title your email as: No GST on Sanitary Pads and Tampons/Zero GST bagi pad wanita dan tampon. English: As stated in the email subject above, representing all women in Malaysia, I would like to appeal for the government to rate all sanitary pads and tampons as Zero GST. These items are a basic necessity for all women and should not be taxed. BM: Saya ingin menarik perhatian tuan/puan berkenaan cukai yang dikenakan ke atas produk sanitari wanita yang merangkumi tuala wanita (sanitary pads) dan tampon. Saya, mewakili golongan wanita di seluruh negara ingin memohon jasa baik dan kerjasama pihak kementrian untuk memasukkan produk ini didalam kategori zero rated kadar GST sifar. We have already drafted an official letter to the Ministry of Finance to bring to their attention the petition that we have put up. In the mean time, we hope that we can all rally together to spam their inboxes with this appeal. Thank you.

Kamelia Shamsuddin
7 years ago