Request Malaysian's Government provide SME Cash Flow Crisis Special Loan

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The current Economic Stimulus Plan announced by our Malaysian government did not really help SMEs. Mostly SME can only endure another one or two months.

Government forced employers to pay the full salary of employees during the 14-day executive order implemented in April, it will cause more SMEs to face cash flow problems

"Some companies have already planned to fire 30% of their employees. The services that are most affected should be the service industry, such as sales outlets, tourism, etc. If there are still no ways to reduce the company's financial problems, they may eventually face bankruptcy."

We hope our Malaysian government could announce new assistance measures for enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, or 20-30% of small and medium-sized enterprises might face closure or integration after the outbreak.

Malaysian’s government does not directly inject funds into SMEs. Instead, it uses labor laws to protect employee benefits but ignores that SMEs also need to be protected. If the company goes bankrupt, how can employees be protected?"

Balance the wage problem between employers and employees during MCO  so that both employers and employees can take a step back and get each other a chance to survive, rather than forcing employers to pay the full salary.

"Especially near the end of the month, many SMEs are very anxious about how to pay employees."

Malaysian’s government should allow the companies in certain industries to continue to operate, but restrict the work of a small number of employees to maintain operations, including processing administrative documents such as company documents. At the same time, more details on the operation of logistics transportation during the action control order should be announced to avoid obstruction of logistics supply.

“In fact, many employees are willing to work with their employers. If both parties can coordinate the salary range during the executive order, it will be better for both parties."

From the sound of Malaysia's SME