I wanted the criminal to get charged

I wanted the criminal to get charged

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Roopini Krishna started this petition to Malaysian government

Justice for T.Nhaveen

we call for a criminal investigation to be opened into the circumstances surrounding the death of Nhaveen and for a criminal prosecution to take place

We want a fair trial in the case where we get fair justice for the murder of Nhaveen - we do not want it to be brushed under the carpet like nothing happened- and we want to see appropriate action taken against those who were involved in the murder of T.Nhaveen - Real Justice -

June 9, 2017.

An 18-year-old youth who was beaten with helmets, burned on his back and sodomised by an object by five youths following a spat has died. T. Nhaveen was found unconscious at around midnight last Saturday in a field next to Jalan Kaki Bukit in Bukit Gelugor. He was buying burgers with his best friend T. Previin, 19, when two youths known to them started teasing the duo. Previin apparently tried to stand up for his friend but the duo were instead set upon by five youths.

Previin managed to escape with eye injuries by Nhaveen, who dreamt of becoming a composer, was beaten so badly he suffered internal bleeding in his head and abdomen. He was also sodomised and burnt on his back.

He died at 5.31pm on Thursday, days after he was pronounced brain dead. Police have arrested five suspects, aged between 16 and 18, over the attack and Nhaveen's death has been re-classified as murder.

T.Nhaveen had been bullied by the two ex-classmates when they were in school.

T.Nhaveen used to come home with torn uniforms and tell us he was bullied. We didn’t take it seriously as bullying in school was common and the bullying never resulted in serious injuries.

T.Nhaveen didn’t let us interfere or speak to the school about the bullying as he was afraid it would make things worse.”

He said the family was devastated and shocked that such a thing had happened to Nhaveen, who was the live wire in the family.

He is always jovial and he lights up the room with his humour. He is talented in music and had planned to enrol in a music course in a college in Kuala Lumpur on June 22.”

He had a beautiful personality and a loving and supportive family.

Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are now with the family at this time and we will be supporting them and all our children through this difficult period.


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