Stop Food Wastage in Malaysia

Stop Food Wastage in Malaysia

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Started by Elizabeth Chong

We have 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN that is agreed upon and set as targets by UN country members. 

Goal 12 is Responsible Consumption and Production

Part of the goal target is to the prevention/alleviation the issue of Food wastage that is dumped into landfills whether it is in its raw material form, processed or cooked.

The dumping of food waste into landfills contribute to the pollution of the environment due the release of methane gas from decomposition which in turn will cause global warming to worsen even further.

In order to prevent/alleviate the issue, we must take these necessary steps such as buying and consume what is needed and based on my household and I’s ability to consume to avoid food wastage, repurpose into new dishes/meals, compost food scraps, take note of food inventory and expiration dates for food.

Together, with a higher awareness of this issue, we can stop Food wastage and take a step closer in achieving our Sustainable Development Goal.

62 have signed. Let’s get to 100!