Save Malaysia SME from Covid 19

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Due to recent Covid 19 Movement Control Order (MCO), we understand most SMIs & SMEs in Malaysia are having serious financial difficulties, cashflow issues and we foresee many businesses will be closing down after the MCO as they are unable to sustain their business. This is to create awareness to our Malaysia’s Finance Minister & Prime Minister pertaining to the issues the businesses are facing so that the government can step in to help them overcome the current challenges. The anticipated massive close down of the businesses in Malaysia will lead to all time high unemployment rate and social issues. Let us do something to save our Country before it’s too late!
由于最近马来西亚政府颁布了针对Covid 19 的行动管制令(MCO),导致马来西亚大多数的中小型企业都面临着严重的财务亏损和现金流的问题。我们预计在MCO取消之后会有许多企业将因无法维持业务而倒闭。因此,我们在此呼吁这个请愿书,以收集至少50,000个支持,让我们马来西亚的财政部长和首相可以了解当前大多数中小型企业所面对的问题,以便政府可以介入和帮助他们克服当前的困境。倘若企业大规模倒闭,将会导致长期的高失业率和一系列严重的社会问题。让我们团结一致,拯救我们的国家!