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Maksim and Valentin Chmerkovskiy are mainly known for being on the show "Dancing with the Stars" , but there is so much more to them then just being dance coaches. Not only do these marvelous dancers help motivate stars to dance, they also motivate their fans. Maks and Val each have a strong work ethic and are multitalented. Val not only dances but raps and sings, and Maks has started his own dance company along with various companies such as a jewelery line. Not only are they successful entrepreneurs, but they have huge hearts. They fully support helping those in need, such as teaching autistic kids. There is so much to see from these fine gentlemen, and us fans cannot wait to see it. The perfect way would be for a TV show to be developed. This show can broadcast the brothers and their ventures in every day lives as professional dancers and motivators. So if you are a fan, sign. Who knows ? One day there might be a show, " little voices" can go far. :) 

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  • Maksim and Valentin Chmerkovskiy TV SHOW :)

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