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Making speed breakers in India safer.

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With the recent incident in Chennai that took the life of racer Ashwin Sundar and his wife, the issue of road safety needs to be looked at and in particular the presence of unmarked speed breakers and speed breakers that are not compliant with Indian Roads Congress norms. The main cause, other than the high speed, was that the car hit a speed breaker that was not illuminated. After the car hit the speed breaker it lost control and veered into the median and ran onto the pavement. The car then crashed into a space between a tree and a compound wall, which subsequently caused the car to erupt into flames. The fire may have been caused by other factors, but the main cause of the loss of control was the speed and the unidentifiable speed breaker. Speeding is a difficult thing to control and solve but visible and identifiable speed breakers can be the difference between life and death. Another solution would be to remove speed breakers completely from highways. According to the Road Accident Report (2014), published by the ministry, 4,726 lives were lost in crashes due to humps while 6,672 people died in accidents caused due to potholes and speed breakers.

The aim of this petition is to:

  • Have mandatory markings on all speed breakers in India.
  • Ensure all speed breakers follow the norms proposed by the Indian Roads Congress
  • Remove unnecessary speed breakers on highways in particular.
  • Mandatory signs alerting the driver of an upcoming speed breaker.

As drivers in India, we are extremely concerned about the risk that these speed breakers pose and it would be negligent of us if we didn't try to make a change. This incident is one of many that happen every year due to speed breakers and it is something that can happen to even the most careful and attentive drivers. Together with this petition, we can make Indian roads safer for everyone and a pleasure to drive.

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