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Making Sanitary Pads a free service in all Public and Private Schools in India

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Educating females has always been something very important not only for the society but as in whole for the nation and more than that for the world. Indian has a female population of 1.324 Billion as per 2016, I wonder what if these 1.324 brilliant minds get education what they deserve and contribute to the society. The focus is not if the entire 1.324 billion female population gets educated the focus is those who want to and can get educated get even the basic utilities for their hygiene at an education institution.

 I am a 16-Year-Old Male Student definitely Young to worry about something like this but for sure not so young to do something which is bugging me and I don't know how many kids who are asked to respect women and follow the roads of feminism but the place where we learn all this is falling short to do it  . Sanitary pads are not accessible to female student's at education institution and if they are female students are charged for them.  Probably not that a big deal I thought when one of my friends shared her experience about it in lunch break one day, But for a minute I imagined myself in a situation in which I am bleeding  freaking out in a fear that what if someone noticed it and I would be a laughing stock in the entire school, running stairs up and down   to get contact with my teacher arranging money from my friends , In this situation maybe the students at Private school are more relieved because they can get money later on or maybe could get it free from the school authorities but not all Private schools , the situation is worse in Public Schools even if we  drop the money situation the panic of getting bullied is the same everywhere because things are how they are  periods are compared with something curious something to be embarrassed about by no mean it is the case what i feel its not the mistake of education institution not paying attention to it nor the female students who never spoke about the problem but face it every day it is the fault of society of people we live around and which we are a part of and the best part only we can solve the problem in that society . What I ask for through this petition is to make  Sanitary Pads a free access to all females in an institution, not through the mean of any  Teacher or School helpers but inside the Ladies Room so that we follow what we are taught Treating  Male and  Female Equal I never got embarrassed  or charged  when I used to spoil my nappy as a kid in play school because mama told me it's natural then why my Friend/Sister should be embarrassed  that they bleed something so natural that God has made  them with . I know these are big words I know things don't change in a day in a society States like Kerala have even come forward installing vending machines for sanitary pads  things are changing slowly and it will gonna be a slow change  at least we can make  this problem easy until the time thoughts  and the society who talk about changing  change let's make this the first step.  Looking forward to You to sign this Petition and help in doing something which should have done long ago. 


Tushar .






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