Making our children a priority.

Making our children a priority.

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The 17th Judicial Circuit Court of Broward County Florida does not consider child visitation to be a priority in custody cases. Every other county in the state of Florida makes our children a priority as does the majority of our country. Children need the love and attention from both parents to grow into healthy individuals and we should ensure that proceedings of this nature happen in an expeditious manner. Hearings in Broward County Florida routinely take well over a year and under some circumstances take more than two. In situations like this a child is often taken away from one parent until the legal proceedings are complete resulting in parental alienation for either the mother or the father. Obviously, this also causes psychological trauma to the child/children involved.

Any loving parent would never want to see their children subjected to a situation that would cause harm. We wish what is best for them, do anything in our power to protect and nurture them and put their wellbeing first and foremost before anything or anyone.

Please help bring attention to this matter. Sign the petition, show your support for our children and their wellbeing.

Below is the link to the administrative order for family proceedings in Broward. Please voice your opinion, protect our children, make them a priority by signing this petition.

Let Chief Justice Jack Tuter know that our children come first.

Subsection one, second to last sentence reads as follows -

Visitation is not an emergency.

This allows the courts to set calendars with huge gaps of time, often 3-4 months between case management hearings and longer times between actual proceedings that make progress towards parental visitation.

Help make a change; help protect our children.

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630 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!