Making my dad prime minister

Making my dad prime minister

7 July 2022
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Started by Hannah Crewe

paul Crewe as Prime Minister



So we all know good old bo Jo just resigned and I am putting forward a great man to be elected. DRUM ROLE PLEASE...


Reasons he should be elected:

  • He's a music enthusiast 
  • His daughter can give input on how she feel it places like school 
  • He's the third earl of Newport 
  • His alter ego clunk the penguin provides food for starving children and refuge in Antarctica 
  • He's my dad 
  • He's very funny 
  • When someone votes for him he will send you booty shorts 
  • He has a fish walking service
  • He would Insure a safe and happy working environment
  • He will provide a personal stripper for every house hold
  • He will provide good pay for teachers (only the nice ones who don't give homework)
  • He can sing to the country 
  • He clearly had better hair that Boris Johnson

Now you have read my reasons I strongly recommend voting for my dad because he would make an excellent prime minister and he is very responsible and would definitely take the job seriously.

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Signatures: 9Next Goal: 10
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