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Make Ponds Lakes Again

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Body of Water Classification

The American people need a better way to classify bodies of water. There is confusion around the nation of whether a lake is a pond or a pond is a lake, and then some. There needs to be a set of rules and scientific classification to identify and categorize our bodies of water.

The division in this country needs to stop. We need to unify under a system that stops the oppressive nature of no official standards. This is the basis of the division in this country. While lakes are usually larger than ponds, size is relative. What you consider a pond in New York, may be considered a lake in Utah.

I propose that we classify ponds, lakes and other bodies of water based on a 1-5 scale to stop the confusion.

For example, Lake Michigan and the "lake" in your backyard are both considered lakes. This can not be. This general term leads to confusion. I would propose that the great lakes are class 5 lakes and the lake in your yard may be a class 1 lake or possibly a class 5 pond, depending on size.

We need to make ponds lakes again. I believe that this petition can lead to a bipartisan bill that changes the way we think of bodies of water.

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