Underage Drinking And Drugs/ It's Not Cool, It's Stupid

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Everyone thinks that drinking at such a young age (usually 12) is a way to gain independence, feel older and be "cool". But is it cool? Is it cool to intoxicate yourself in front of others that have just as much as 0 knowledge? Well no it's not cool.

If you drink or drug, you are leading yourself to SO many problems. At parties you can get raped (it happens every day and every where), you can faint, you can die, you can get in a car crash, you can risk someone else's life and when your older the effects are much worse. Liver cancer and pregnancy problems for girls and women is two major ones but all sorts of diseases start to appear. The older you become, the worse you will look. At the age of 40 you will look old and unhealthy and so on. You can become addicted and you can become abusive. Your mental state will go straight to negative, you will experience depression and anxiety and start to go crazy.

If you are under the age of 25 you have more risk as your brain is still fully developing until 25! You may seem cool now but in reality it is disgusting and that's how you will look when you grow up, if you grow up because you may die extremely young. Alcohol and drugs (including cigarettes and marijuana) seem like a way to get out of problems but in reality they make your problems worse. How could this be possible? When you are drunk or high you are in a state where you are not yourself so not only it is not fun to be drunk or high as you are not yourself but you believe you are happy or flying, everything seems to be great. Unfortunately everything may be great for that time period but as soon as you are not drunk or high you will have problems from the hangover and therefore you will feel worse about the other problems you were already facing. Problems do not just dissapear if you run away from them, you must face them.

Many people say that marijuana is good because it can be used to cure diseases...yes...but if you don't have a disease then you are not curing yourself, you are killing your brain and arising new mental illnesses. Also in the hospital they use a liquid form of marijuana which is suitable for cancer etc. when teenagers use it they receive it from a dodgy person which probably got it from a dodgy place. Drug dealing? What's the fun in that? None. If you really have no way of collecting money then find a job, study or find something you truly enjoy (no one would enjoy to sell drugs, and if so they must have convinced themselves into this mental state). Go to a psychologist or talk to somebody. Just don't deal drugs.

It's quite sad when I see young people drunk or high because it makes me think of how sad their life must be if that's the only way they can feel happy or have fun. Please help me to make a change by signing this petition to help stop young people from intoxicating themselves and others.

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