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Make Your Voice Heard! Boycott CNN!

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It's time we demanded a REAL news organization, which CNN is NOT!

It doesn't matter who you voted for - if a news organization publishes something, it should be based on facts that are not distorted in a biased way. Time and time again, CNN has either outwardly lied or warped the truth to fit its own agenda. We rely on news organizations to keep us informed about what is going on. Their opinions should be kept separate from the news. We should not have to fact check news organizations - they are supposed to be the fact checkers for us! They are several news organizations guilty of this, but CNN has proven themselves time and time again to be the worst!

It's time to let them know we are tired of being lied to by them! CNN needs to be hit hard in the only place they only care about - their ratings! If you want honest and fair journalism, and are tired of being of being lied to and duped, TAKE A STAND TODAY! Sign this petition and share it, and then never watch or read anything from CNN until they can clean up the mess they made and work on fair and honest reporting which we can all depend on!

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