Make washrooms in educational institutions period-friendly, hygienic & inclusive #BleedEco

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"The doors are in a bad condition, with rust forming at the hinges, the locks broken so much so that one has to hold the door shut from the inside. The commodes are always filled with excreta as the flushes don't work and the basin taps are broken. A scanty amount of water trickles down when one opens the tap. The floors are carelessly swiped; they are always wet and muddy and the cleaning lady is never in sight. In such a situation, having periods on campus is a menace. There are no clean washrooms to change into clean pads/tampons/menstrual cups, and the dustbins are always filled with used, dirty pads which almost never gets emptied. This means that the bathrooms are always filled with a putrid odour."

Does this image make you feel sick? Welcome to a day in the life of a student menstruator. Most educational institutions lack proper sanitation and basic (menstruation-friendly) facilities such as:

  • Functional taps with clean running water: for students to be able to wash their hands after using the toilets.
  • Working cisterns and flushes: as unflushed toilets lead to increased susceptibility to conditions such as urinary tract infections, rashes, bacterial build-up and skin conditions.
  • Proper waste disposal system with dustbins in every stall: for students to be able to dispose of used sanitary products and ensure proper waste management so that sanitary products are not disposed of in open spaces.
  • Soap dispensers and bidet sprays: to maintain hygiene and to be able to clean menstrual cups and, at the very least, one's private parts after using the toilet.
  • Locks on the washrooms stalls and hooks to keep your belongings: to ensure privacy and to be able to store bags to access sanitary hygiene products as and when required.
  • Sanitary vending machines: for situations in which students do not have access to sanitary pads or other menstrual hygiene products but urgently need them.
  • Routine maintenance and deep cleaning of the washrooms: to ensure sanitation and cleanliness and to prevent the spread of diseases.
  • Accessible and disability-friendly washrooms: with ramps, wheelchair-height toilets and basins, grab bars and handles, braille maps in corridors to help locate washrooms easily.

It is a common trend for educational institution washrooms to be unhygienic and unsafe for student menstruators, and many have confessed that they are usually forced to skip college on period days and some have contracted diseases like UTIs and fungal infections due to unclean and unsanitary washrooms. Sign our petition to solve this problem.

We believe that access to proper sanitation is a human right. Our demand is addressed to the Vice-Chancellors of several prominent universities in Kolkata and Partha Chatterjee (Ministry of Education, West Bengal) to take action on the atrocious conditions of washrooms in educational institutions which have proved to be a menace for menstruating and disabled students. 

One signature from you can help us go a long way in achieving our goal to make washrooms in educational institutions period-friendly, hygienic and accessible to all. Act now by signing this petition and share it among your circles so that it reaches more people.