Nintendo Make Waluigi Playable In Smash Ultimate

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By signing and sharing this petition, you are letting it be known that Waluigi should be a playable character is Super Smash Ultimate and Nintendo should take the feedback us gamers have been giving them for years.

 Waluigi has been a classic character in the Mario franchise and Nintendo universe and it absurd that he is not added in the latest Super Smash installment. He saw his first appearance in Super Mario Tennis 2000. So Waluigi actually came before Super Smash Bros. Melee which was released over 15 years ago! Since then he has made appearances in many Mario games such as every Mario party series, Mario Kart, Mario Strikers, Mario and Sonic series , even Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix for crying out loud!

If you love Super Smash and or Waluigi consider signing this petition so we can make a change! Below are some more reasons why this is considered such an injustice and advantages to bringing Waluigi into the game. #ItsWaluigiTime

Waluigi is a very popular character that has been requested to be put in for years. Fans are looking for their feedback to be taken into account and it sounds like Nintendo isn't listening. Waluigi debuted in 2000 with Mario Tennis and played important roles in many future Mario games. Here is a list of some characters who came after Waluigi but they are available in Super Smash Ultimate.

Captain Olimar - Pikmin 2001

Bowser Jr. - Supermario Sunshine 2002

Shulk- Xenoblade Chronicles 2010 

Rosalina & Luma - Supermario Galaxy 2007

Bayonetta - 2009

Robin- Fire Emblem Awakening 2013

Inkling - Splatoon 2015

and more..

Not only would adding Waluigi be a great service to fans across the world, it indeed would be increase profits for Nintendo. This character has been desired for so long and this will cause more people to buy the game. Similarly look at what happened with Fortnite boogiedown contest where people wanted justice for orange shirt kid. Many people were upset and boycotted the game but not too long once the signatures came it Epic Games added the dance and saw a spike in popularity due to all the hype surrounding it. 

While this is not the first petition created for this injustice, I did not feel confident that those petitions would take the proper steps necessary to add Waluigi in the game. (Yes I am seriously trying to get Waluigi added and this isn't a joke or for fun) 

I'll be making more updates as time goes on, let me know your comments and suggestions how we can go about tackling this problem.

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