Make Vaccines Mandatory!

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As a mother, you become a fierce protector of your children from the day they are born. Your entire life changes and when you look into your babies eyes, you know you’d move mountains to protect them. In recent years there has been more and more diseases that were essentially eradicated ( thank you science) coming back with a vengeance. That is terrifying.

I believe children ( with exception of those with legitimate medical reasons) should need to be fully vaccinated to attend public school/Daycare facilities. We need to bring back the rule of in order to enroll your child into public school or daycare you need to provide proof of vaccination. Even one child dying from a preventable disease is one too many. We need to protect those who cannot be vaccinated for legitimate reasons. Our babies, our elderly & those with compromised immune systems who cannot receive the vaccines. I fully trust in herd immunity, with these awful (often deadly) diseases making a comeback now is when we need to take a stand and make a difference! Why should we all have to suffer for someone else’s selfish decision? There needs to be a change! 

I am taking the first step in trying to initiate this by creating this petition! With your help we can get the attention of people who can make this happen! Please sign and share