Make Utah Great Again: Impeach Herbert. 19 Reasons.

Make Utah Great Again: Impeach Herbert. 19 Reasons.

March 2, 2018
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Started by Vox Chiasmus

1) In his early 20's, Gary R. Herbert "dropped out" of BYU. Now in his 70's, he still doesn't value education.

2) His neglectful actions have kept Utah dead last in the Nation for K-12 education staffing, security and facilities maintenance year in and year out.

3) His neglectful actions have demonstrated that he is comfortable with hundreds of thousands of K-12 Utah kids attending seismically unsafe schools.

4) His neglectful actions have demonstrated that he is comfortable with hundreds of thousands of K-12 Utah kids attending out dated schools that lack effective and affordable security upgrades.

5) His neglectful actions have allowed Utah's teacher to student ratio to surpass 32 to 1 year in and year out. In many states a ratio this high would be illegal. This forces teachers to be managers instead of teachers. This contributes to many Utah school districts scrambling to fill hundreds of teacher vacancies within days of each school year starting. Many people hired to fill the vacancies are not trained as teachers and mentors. If Utah invested in ensuring a responsible teacher to student ratio Utah wouldn't have to waste an irresponsible amount of taxpayer money on prisons.

6) His neglectful actions required Utah's school district leaders to perpetuate a well financed campaign of propaganda aimed at passing bonds that would raise taxes by hundreds of millions of dollars in exchange for repairs and upgrades to make schools safe. For weeks upon weeks this deluge of propaganda went on and eventually tricked hundreds of thousands of parents into voting for the bonds. Most parents didn't realize the desperately needed repairs and upgrades they voted to pay for won't actually be done for years. What was often referenced as "The First Phase" is actually 10 years long. Many elementary kids will be in college before their current elementary is made seismically safe.

7) His neglectful actions have resulted in the plundering of so much money from Utah's kids that Utah's "rainy day fund" grows by tens of millions of dollars each year and is approaching the $1 billion dollar mark. This money is often wasted on mismanaged overspending for closed door projects when it could have been directed years ago at making schools seismically safe and secure.

8) His neglectful actions have required many of Utah's police departments to go without the protective bulletproof vests, tactical gear and other equipment they desperately need and deserve even though there is plenty of taxpayer money available to pay for it.

9) His neglectful actions allowed the cost of the new Salt Lake airport to increase from $2 billion to more than $3 billion by going up $1.2 Million dollars a day every day for over 2 years. The cost is still rising. The cost of Utah's new state prison is $650 million taxpayer dollars and still rising. Other states are building prisons for half that. He has yet to suggest the possibility of a review committee to bring transparency to the public for these daunting and unexplained taxpayer costs and increases.

10) His neglectful actions provided hundreds of thousands of Utah taxpayer dollars to be spent as start up funds for an online business named "Homie" who's goal is to put 8,000-10,000 Utahn's out of work.

11) His neglectful actions have demonstrated that he is comfortable with Salt Lake, Utah, Weber and Logan county's toxic air getting exponentially worse as thousands of seasonally stayable but day-to-day unlivable, "micro" apartments are being completed in these areas every month. What will happen to property values in these counties when word gets out that due to these valleys unique geographic make there are 100 "toxic red air" days each year instead of the 30 toxic red air days happening now? These high mountain valley bowls don't have vast oceans for toxins to dissipate over like the "big" cities around the country that they are ignorantly and regularly bench marked against. Kid's are especially vulnerable to the toxins in the air. How many sleepless nights lying next to their poisoned and coughing children will Utah parents tolerate at Herbert's hands?

12) His neglectful actions prevent clean air vehicle manufacturers like Tesla from being able to sell their vehicles to Utahns even with the high pollution levels as shameful as they already are.

13) His neglectful actions continue to allow certain Utah companies to fill Utah's air with toxins at night while Utahns sleep instead of doing it during the day when they could see it happening.

14) His neglectful actions resulted in the recent approval of the Inland Port being located in Salt Lake City. This means every hour of every day hundreds of additional cargo truck engines will be pumping toxin heavy particulate exhaust from low quality diesel fuel into Salt Lake Valley's already toxic air as they manage thousands of containers from around the world. Utah, Ogden and Logan valley's are sure to see their portion of this increase in toxins as well.

15) Regardless of what is claimed about security capabilities, the Inland Port will exponentially increase the risk of a catastrophic event for millions of Utahns. Dirty bombs and other mass casualty weapons are a reality that governments should be aware of and do everything they can to ensure residents safety against. The sobering reality of the possibility of this is something people just shouldn't have to consider when evaluating where to raise their family. For the two million people in Salt Lake, Utah and Weber counties this is a new reality unless this is reversed.

16) He single handedly is responsible for evicting Salt Lake City's long time "Outdoor Retailer Convention". No longer hosting this lucrative convention will cost Salt Lake City and it's residents over $1 Billion dollars in lost revenue over the next 15 years. He didn't understand that the more public lands he secretly sells off the fewer customers the outdoor industry will have.

17) As governor, his neglectful actions have demonstrated that he is comfortable ignoring Utah's hemorrhaging homelessness problem. Solutions are readily available yet the circumstances have been allowed to become so shameful that on average every 72 hours a desperate homeless person feebly slips out of this life ignored and painfully neglected while within arms reach on Utah's streets.

18) His neglectful actions have contributed to the office of Attorney General being forcefully vacated twice during his tenure. Even after Mark Shurtleff's forceful resignation, Gary R. Herbert still appointed Shurtleff's lieutenant John Swallow to be Utah's next Attorney General. Swallow was forced to resign within a matter of months while Herbert quietly looked the other way yet again. Both men pointed fingers at each other and others yet were cleared of initial charges in peculiar court circumstances riddled with legal loopholes and surprises that included a jailed internet millionaire, a suspected ponzi scheme con-artist, private jets, resort visits and other peculiar incidents and characters.

19) As governor, his neglectful actions have created so many loopholes in Utah's Civilian Semi-Automatic Weapon laws that anyone from anywhere can acquire Civilian Semi-Automatic Weapons, ammunition and tactical gear in internet initiated, stranger to stranger, cash or trade meet ups that only take a moment to complete. This real world scenario happens countless times a day in Utah. It is a carnival of horrors and we have allowed Gary R. Herbert to make it our reality. What would happen if decades ago the ideas of seatbelt laws, vehicle speed limits and semi truck driving licenses were referred to as "Vehicle Control" by a back of the barn politician and this emotionally charged phrase triggered events that prevented rewarding life saving measures we all benefit from in many ways from ever being introduced? What if seat belts, speed limits and specific vehicle application/training/licensing were never allowed to find their manageable places in society? Consider this: Not all vehicles are the same. Car's, trucks, SUV's, semi trucks, 4x4's, low riders, mini-van's, bullet bikes, cruiser bikes, museum display vehicles, commercial vehicles etc…are all amazing inventions in their own way's. Many of them have different guidelines than the others. They can all be customized in countless ways and used in different ways than what the manufacturer ever intended. Like "vehicles," not all "guns" are the same. We are only kidding ourselves if we continue to pretend that they are. Like "vehicles," depending on their capabilities, different forms of civilian armament demand different public management approaches with guidelines for some being more comprehensive and complex than guidelines for others but still allowing for private enjoyment in an appropriate environment. If we can't let these laws for different types of civilian armament management be created and also find their manageable places too, then maybe we should repeal all the traffic laws? Maybe we should let everyone who wants to buy and drive a NASCAR as fast as they want through any neighborhood instead of on a racecar track just go ahead and do it? Imagine how interesting a drive to the grocery store might become when, as a way to save time we can just allow toddlers to climb and roam around freely in mini-vans instead of requiring car seats? Rather than a Hazmat license to haul a tanker trailer full of 20,000 gallons of gasoline, let's just leave the keys out for brave Cub Scouts to find. They'll get the job done!  If you're tired of neighborhood teenagers telling their friends to park their "sweet ride they bought from lawn mowing money" in front of your house, I see a brand new UDOT highway approved snowplow in your future! Just skim through the manual to learn what direction to point the 8 foot tall blade...

Whether you identify fully or partially as being a student, a teacher, a parent, a volunteer, retired, working, a homemaker, an entrepreneur, a farmer, a Republican, a Democrat, a Liberal, a Mormon, a Molly Mormon, a Peter Priesthood, a Jack Mormon, a decedent of a pioneer, a transplant, transgender, a skier, a snowboarder, a foody, a gym class junky, a techy, a multi-millionaire philanthropist, an NBA player, a dancer with the stars, a film festival founder, or what, if you live in Utah today you should also be allowed to loudly, proudly, identify as being a "Utahn". Your safety, your efforts, your well being, your family, your community and your culture all contribute in their own way to make up the unique fabric and texture of the greater Utah community. This community is worth "taking note" of. This community is worth nurturing, preserving, understanding, respecting and celebrating. This community should not be put at risk by one persons small town logic or his shameful back of the barn actions. Let's let a crooked tree go and maybe he'll get back to his roots. Maybe he'll find the sunshine and breathe the coming fresh air that will help him get back to growing tall and straight again? Let's plant a new tree. Lets make Utah great again. Impeach Herbert NOW.

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