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Make upskirting illegal!

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In Georgia, it is legal to take pictures up a woman’s skirt. Recently, in a case of a grocery store employee taking pictures up a customer’s skirt while she shopped, a Georgia court ruled in favor of the photographer. This reprehensible act highlights a major lapse in women’s rights and criminal law that must change, immediately.

The Georgia Court of Appeals said the grocery story incident wasn’t an invasion of privacy. Seriously. How in the world can taking pictures up a woman’s skirt, or “upskirting,” not be considered an invasive act? It pains me to think that one day my daughter might be disrespected and humiliated by such actions. For her and for all women, I am demanding legal ramifications for upskirting.

Please join me in asking Georgia lawmakers to pass legislation that makes taking pictures or videos up a woman’s skirt illegal! Help me in speaking out against this injustice and fight with me to protect ourselves from gross invasions of privacy.

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