For ALL Teamsters

I'm signing because I am completely sick of breaking my back working with faulty equipment dealing with harassment about coming to work when the weather is horrible working on holidays we should have off just like everyone I'm sick of working so hard when it doesn't pay off I'm tired of being lied to I'm tired of other people being lied to I hate the amount of pressure they put on my supervisor and on us ups have ruined this company people outside of ups have no idea the work that goes into getting their package to their doorsteps sorry I didn't put periods in but I'm just like venting but it's so depressing they make work horrible I dread to come in to work I'm not saying work should be fun cause its business but the production is too much during the summer they kill us during the winter we have no heaters nothing they don't care about us they just want make an easy buck off my blood sweat and tears and their only in it to screw the workers and the day I realized that I was gonna be in for something else was the day a full timer told me f*** my scans and F*** my misload rate I loaded 10,000 packages without a single misort and that's the pat on the back I get and that was even before that had smart scanning where you had to remember the Zipcodes and I hate that when the union is in the building they slow the work so it looks clean and nothing is out of hand there are not hazards and the second they leave we get destroyed if u feel like contacting me my number is 862-400-6135 cause I am willing to join the fight against these corporate thugs.

Ewrick Diaz, Belleville, NJ, United States
8 years ago
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