Make UK Banks and Service Providers Accessible For All

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Can you imagine being unable to read letters or bills from your bank, water company or energy provider?  For millions of people in the UK with learning disabilities, dyslexia, dementia, language disorders, and English as an additional language, this information is inaccessible. This forces them to become less independent and rely on others for these day to day tasks. If there is nobody there to help, the essential information provided by these documents will go unread. 

To experience what it might be like to read a bill with one of these conditions, visit:


The Easy Read format was created to help people with learning disabilities understand information easily; it uses pictures to illustrate the meaning of the text and short sentences with simplified language that is easy to understand. 

Recently, a new Accessible Information Standard was introduced within the NHS so that health resources and communication with patients are offered in a number of accessible formats, including Easy Read. However, it is outrageous to assume that the only information that needs to be accessible to people with disabilities is related to health. Clearly, all essential information regarding finances and amenities should be provided in a way that is accessible to all people. However, following my research into UK banks and energy companies, I am yet to find a UK service provider that currently offers Easy Read to its customers. 

I believe that Easy Read should be offered by every UK service provider, as Braille or Sign Language services are, in order to improve the independence of millions of UK citizens. I am asking for the Accessible Information standard to be extended to these companies to ensure that they are providing a truly accessible service.


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