Make Twitter Great Again!

Make Twitter Great Again!

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Make Twitter Great Again 

We are a Crypto Token on the BSC Network. Our Project is called "Make Twitter Great Again". (Scroll down to see information on our token...Telegram link, PooCoin, and info on how to buy.)

Contract: 0x0feb258b44c745ec8274a33c85eccc0b77d71f52

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We are all Here to build awareness and attention of the limitations on expression/speech we see constantly ongoing on Twitter. People are not allowed to voice their true opinions if it goes against Big Politicians, Big Corporate Names, and against sketchy business schemes. We see many people get silenced and ridiculed for their beliefs and what they stand for.

For Example, Donald Trump thru the mainstream media was deemed as a danger for he's opinions and discussions brewed up with his like-minded followers.

Twitter should be a Social Platform where everyone can voice their opinions and make a stand towards things they believe in, and THIS MUST BE BROUGHT INTO ATTENTION THAT IT IS NOT CURRENTLY. We believe that the people should have their rights and be able to have freedom of speech and expression online and on one of the biggest social platforms know to date, Twittter.

So nevertheless, Please Donald Trump come back to Elon’s Twitter platform and help us MAKE TWITTER GREAT AGAIN! We demand our freedom of expression and speech.

Through this petition we will request that Mr. Donald Trump reopen his Twitter Account and Make Twitter Great Again by spreading the news that Twitter is and can be a greater place free for every opinion and every TRUTH to be known!

To greater bring awareness. We have also created a Crypto Token, which is here to help create a community of likeminded people to help push our cause to Making Twitter Great Again.

� You can join our Telegram Group here:

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MAKE TWITTER GREAT AGAIN (Token information)

  • Buying our token, we can provide a great community and a chance to make money while at the same time bringing awareness to this ongoing problem of violation of human rights.
  • Expect A tweet or more from Donald Trump and Elon Musk soon and the price will go up substantially. 
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  • Contract - 0x0feb258b44c745ec8274a33c85eccc0b77d71f52
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23 personas firmaron. ¡Ayuda a conseguir 25!